Welcome to pyRAPL’s documentation!


pyRAPL is a software toolkit to measure the energy footprint of a host machine along the execution of a piece of Python code.

pyRAPL uses the Intel “Running Average Power Limit” (RAPL) technology that estimates power consumption of a CPU. This technology is available on Intel CPU since the Sandy Bridge generation.

More specifically, pyRAPL can measure the energy consumption of the following CPU domains:

  • CPU socket package

  • DRAM (for server architectures)

  • GPU (for client architectures)


PyRAPL is an open-source project developed by the Spirals research group (University of Lille and Inria) that take part of the Powerapi initiative.

Mailing list and contact

You can contact the developer team with this address : powerapi-staff@inria.fr

You can follow the latest news and asks questions by subscribing to our mailing list


If you would like to contribute code you can do so via GitHub by forking the repository and sending a pull request.

When submitting code, please make every effort to follow existing coding conventions and style in order to keep the code as readable as possible.